- Adv3nture is an eCommerce outdoor clothing brand. They champion innovative products that make traveling and the outdoors more comfortable. Their products are sold around the world and have been featured in major publications. Along with creating superior garments, they plant three trees with every purchase.

- As content creation is our bread and butter, we created video and image assets that helped Adv3nture raise over $450k for their latest innovative product, a travel backpack. Hosted on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we used Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing to blow their original goal of $50k out of the water. 

- Continuing this success with monthly campaigns, we were able to use Facebook and Instagram marketing to average over 2X and even reach up to 60X ROAS. Our ever-important email marketing campaigns averaged over a 24% open rate with 6% CTR.

- On the social media side, we incorporated a well thought out Instagram, Twitter and Facebook strategy that featured a mix of product and user-generated images. We managed all interactions as their social media presence steadily increased.


- CrossFit Horsepower is a state of the art CrossFit gym located in Studio City, CA. They promote fitness and community through diverse workouts designed to take your strength, cardio, physical and mental health to new heights.

- Using custom made Facebook and Instagram ads which we produced, shot, and edited, we’ve been able to bring in over 100 new customer leads to CFHP.

- We completely redesigned their website with all new streamlined formatting and content. Implementing many white hat SEO techniques, we've increased the web site's traffic by over 40% and have seen a dramatic increase in the site's search engine rankings. 


DrinkTV is an online TV network that celebrates all the best in drinks culture—from the bartenders who inspire us with creative recipes to the brewers, distillers, and vintners who create the magical liquids in our glasses, and of course all the new friends we make along the way in our ABV adventures.


We completely revamped their social media strategy, developing a visually stunning layout that featured known mixologists, influencers, alcohol brands, and breweries. Our outreach and hashtag strategies garnered them several thousand new followers in just over a month, with an increase in post impressions, likes and interactions.


Azoulay Real Estate is a premier real estate company in the Los Angeles area. They offer listing seller and mortgage options for luxury homes and commercial real estate.


Through Facebook and Instagram, we were able to bring Azoulay Real Estate over 30 buyer leads within a month of working with them.